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I am a location sound recordist based in both Nairobi Kenya and Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and I have been involved in many different aspects of sound recording for most of my life, specialising in location sound recording for tv and film to a professional level for my entire adult life. Combining a large well of experience, an in depth knowledge of sound, video and film equipment, and the use of my Sound Devices 442, 704t 4 channel recorder allows me to capture the best audio possible on any location production.
My philosophy is that to be successful in the tv and film industry flexibility is very important, that is why I strive to be as logistically flexible and open minded as possible for the client or production.
If you are looking for a sound recordist, boom operator or sound assistant in the Kenya, Tanzania or Africa as a whole, I can help you find what you need.
if you are coming from abroad don't waste your budget on travel expenses, book a sound recordist local to your job. If you have any questions or you would like to make a booking please get in touch.

Featured Credits


  1. Farming Documentary shot in Nigeria (BBC AFRICA)
  2. WE, Lipton, long story short (USA)
  3. EGPAF, WE, Lipton, long story short (USA) Shot in Kenya
  4. GANGS OF LEMUR ISLAND Madagascar, True to Nature productions
  6. COMEDY “KAZAKH BUSINESS C/O Pontact Productions EPZ - Feature Film shot in Nairobi
  7. “BBC FARMING” : Shot in Tanzania for BBC AFRICA
  8. DOSHI Commercial Cinematic Solutions Production
  10. LAVID Documentary African Snowman Productions
  11. “MY LIFE AS A CHIMP” Shot in Uganda, Lion Television
  12. A TV Commercial for Tusker - Mojo Productions
  13. “THE KIBERA PROJECT” - Purple Mickey Productions / Fork films
  14. FIRST YEAR ON EARTH - A BBC Documentary of Elephants
  15. TROPICAL CORPORATE VIDEO - Mojo Productions
  16. JUMBO THE ELEPHANT - Humble Bee Films - Elena Wong
  17. LIFESTRAW DOCUMENTARY - Courageous Studios
  18. DUMU RANGI COMMERCIAL - Mojo Productions
  19. “IBM DOCUMENTARY” - Dream Catches Productions
  20. TMEA DOCUMENTARY - FCIA Productions
  21. M-KOPA COMMERCIAL - Mojo Productions
  23. The walk on the side of Kilimanjaro - Directed by Simon Normanton Discovery Channel 2002
  24. The Weather Report - Sienna Films Inc.
  25. Tan roads Documentary - True Vision Tanzania
  26. The Wild Life - BBC 2014
  27. The Snake Bite - PIP Gilmore
  28. Becoming Human - Shinning Red Productions PBS Nora
  29. Bless this our Land - Visual Edge
  30. Blue Marble / CFW Clinics- Directed by Steven Petzer
  31. Comic Relief - BBC
  32. The Elephant Life After Death - Tigeress Productions UK
  33. Wild Case Files - Tigress Productions
  34. Wild Nairobi - Cosmos Factory Films
  35. Gambling on Extinction - German TV
  36. Unlikely Friends - BBC
  37. The Queens of MARA - Cosmos Factory Films ASTRIA
  38. NATURE SHOCK - Tigress Productions
  39. SAVACE MIGRATIONS - Featuring the life cycle of wild beast, the mating, birth and migration between Maasai Mara and Serengeti
  40. The Wild Affair - Blink Films
  41. Wilder beast Migration - Electric Sky Productions
  42. Wild Case Files - Directed by Matt Brandon for Tigress Productions

Natural History

  1. Royal Safari - Tigress Productions
  2. The 'Elephant' Life After Death - Directed by Andrew Graham Brown - Tigress Productions U K
  3. Wild Nairobi - Directed by U do Mauro for Cosmos Factory Films Austria
  4. Gambling on EXTINCTION - German TV
  5. Unlikely Friends - A BBC Production
  6. The Queens of Mara - Directed by Herald for Cosmos Factory Films Austria
  7. Nature Shock - Tigress production - Directed by Lurie Gwyther
  8. Savage Migration - Featuring Migration of wildebeest Across Serengeti and Maasai Mara
  9. My Wild Affair (Blink Films UK) - Directed by Simon Chu
  10. Wild beast Migration - Electric Sky 11. Royal safari (Tigress production) Directed by Laurie Gwyther


  1. The Walks on the Wild Side of Kilimanjaro - Directed by Simon Normanton for Discovery Channel- 2002
  2. Weather Report Documentary - Directed by: Brenda Longfellow Sienna Films Inc
  3. Tan roads Documentary - Directed by David Sevuri for True Vision Tanzania.
  4. This Wild Life - BBC 2014
  5. The Snake Bite - Directed By Pip Gilmore (2016)
  6. Becoming Human (1) "First Steps" - Directed by Graham Towns ley Produced by Shining Red Production (NOVA)
  7. The Gunrunners - (Canadian Film Board)
  8. Becoming Human (2) "Birth of Humanity" - Directed by Graham Tower. Produced by Shining Red Production NOVA
  9. Bless This Our Land - Directed by Judy OS for Visual Edge Limited.
  10. Blue marble/ CFW Clinics - Directed by Steven Petzer
  11. Comic Relief - BBC - Directed by Pamela Gordon

Feature Films/ Dramas

  1. Jumbo the Elephant - Lifestraw - A documentary on clean drinking water for CNN Turner
  2. The Team - White Pine Production - Directed by Patrick Reed- 2010
  3. Mawazo - Directed by Nina Mnaya for Savannah Films
  4. Work for Free "Kazi Bure" - Directed by Imruh Bakari for Savannah Films
  5. Malooned - Directed by Bob Nyanja for Cinematic productions
  6. Taking on Texas - Directed by Karina Holden & David Grusovin for National Geographic - Produced by Oxford Scientific Films Australia
  7. Taking on New York - Directed by Karina Holden & David Grusovin for National Geographic
  8. The Killer Necklace - Directed by Judy Kibinge for Seven Productions
  9. MAU MAU “Muigithania” - Directed by Armit Tyagi for Wide Angle Visions
  10. La bonne cuisine magpie (cookery show) - Directed by Martin Swag, for Dreamcatcher Productions
  11. The Will - Directed by Neema Kambona for Savannah Films
  12. Tumaini - Directed by Beatrix Mugishagwe for Abantu Visions Tanzania
  13. Shoe Shine - Directed by Amil Shivji
  14. Aisha - Directed by Kijiwemi Productions
  15. The T Junction - Directed by Amil Shivji
  16. The Team - Directed by Seko Shamte
  17. The Home Coming - Directed by Seko Shamte

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